Packed with powerful insights, tools, and practices, 
this book is a potent resource for aspiring, emerging,
and seasoned business leaders alike.

a small business owner to now recognized as a woman-owned small business success story, Helen, in business 10 years, with 2 offices and 30 employees, has touched the lives of thousands of small business owners and helped them on their path to success.

Recognized as a top woman owned business in 2012, received the E10 Award by National Minority Business Supplier Diversity Council affiliate in Houston, TX in 2011, Helen, with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Six Sigma Black Belt, is President of Bradlink LLC, a go to Technical Services firm. She lives in Kingwood, TX and has two fun-filled cats, Coree and Jonsen. 
What you'll find in this book. In this book, I have put together many practical follow-up tips that small businesses can consider in nurturing their customer relationships. These tips come from many years of my personal experience as a small business owner.

This book is separated into complimenting parts. 
The parts can be read in order or taken out of order. 
And the tips in each section can be read in a manner 
that resonates and suits your interest.

At the end of each Part is a Checklist designed 
to help you develop a great follow-up plan.

Who should read this book? This book is written for those small business owners that are eager and searching for a practical and proven way to grow. This book is for start-ups, intermediate and seasoned small businesses, even if it is for a reminder on what they are to be doing. But most of all, this book is for those small businesses that often ask the question, "How can I grow or have more cash in my business? We proceed on to read straightforward follow-up tips because Your Money is in the Follow-up with existing and target accounts.​
This unmatched guide - the best selling book,Your Money is in the Follow-up, offers valuable follow up tips and essentials on why, where, when, who, what and how to follow up for small businesses, giving you exactly what you need to follow up and succeed in your small business. You'll also gain practical insight and a common sense approach to following up with your target accounts so you can get your money through serving and grow your small business.
​Helen L. Callier, an award winning small business owner, knows first-hand how to successfully steer and sustain a business over the $1 million revenue threshold. From flying high working in Corporate America as an Executive Staff Level Technical Manager in GE’s Jack Welch on brink of failure as
There are three basic phases in the sales process. 

Identifying market opportunities
Presenting solutions

Follow-up is vital in the sales process and it is important in the on-going development 
of your business relationship with your target accounts. 

Typically, most small businesses are able to identify and pursue prospects in some manner and then send an email with a link to a website, or mail a brochure or have a meeting to provide a sales presentation. However, where the ball often is dropped is in the follow-up stage. And without follow-through, sales are lost and as a small business your marketing dollars are lost. 

Many small businesses often quit midstream and think their probable or existing customer is not interested in their offering. Small businesses become discouraged when the prospect says "no, not at this time" or the small business believes the target account always gives the business to their competitor, or they simply are overwhelmed with other work and forget to follow-up. And without a shadow of a doubt, those small businesses that miss the last and most important element of follow-up are on-track to fail in closing the sale and hurt their growth.

Sales data shows it takes about seven to ten contacts with a prospect to close a sale. This is the reason to stay consistent, to be determined and committed in your sales and marketing plan. Being focused on your business goals and follow-up plan enable you to build customer relationships. Your follow-up actions show that your business is doing its part to nurture and build a relationship with target accounts. And solid relationships grow your business revenue.

"Every decent player knows that follow-through is everything in golf. 
Without the proper follow-through, you will not win! This is a truth in business too."
~Helen Callier, President, Bradlink LLC, an award winning small business

How to use this book? 
Grab you tablet, android or pencil and paper! 
Take notes, highlight the tips that resonate with you 
and quickly apply them in your small business. 
When you begin using the practical tips consistently, 
even if it is one or two tips, the snowball rolling down the hill builds momentum and starts to make an impact in your small business. 
Start now and get rolling! 

Part 1: Why Follow-up 
Part 2: How to Follow-up 
Part 3: When to Follow-up  
Part 4: With whom to Follow up
Part 5: Where to Follow-up
Part 6: What to Use to Follow-up